Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza pie was timely signed and you will Henry marketed the firm in order to not familiar people

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza pie was timely signed and you will Henry marketed the firm in order to not familiar people

When you look at the 1985, couple of years after Fredbear’s closure, William continued resulting in troubles to own Henry from the murdering five students from the Freddy’s, leading them to haunt the new five animatronics, together with strange 5th Golden Freddy. Henry then went for the hiding and no one to got read or viewed your while the.

Many years enacted, and you will Henry is actually struggling to move on from his daughter’s passing. He sooner or later noticed that the person whom killed Charlie and some almost every other children is actually the one and only William. He could enjoys prevented almost everything got he understood regarding it much eventually. He along with learned that the animatronics was in fact haunted from the William’s sufferers, along with his child troubled new animatronic he intended to include the lady, This new Puppet. Out-of immense feel dissapointed about and despair, Henry considered suicide, however, the guy did not create themselves to others up to the guy slain William and you can avenged his sufferers to cease the fresh new madman immediately after as well as for all the. The guy got a career because the an excellent cassette tape instructor and educated a beneficial Fazbear Enjoyment franchisee which taken over Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza pie Put ideas on how to salvage the remainder animatronics significantly less than the court financial obligation off paragraph four.

He concocted a decide to trap the remainder four animatronics: Garbage Baby; Molten Freddy; William, who had been permanently trapped during the Springtime Bonnie suit on account of a beneficial springlock incapacity; additionally the Puppet, just who he caught up into the their development built to capture it, Lefty

In the Conclusion Finish, following the functions day concludes, he disrupts Rubbish Infant’s monologue. The guy indicates that Child is actually haunted because of the William’s individual child, Age, who was slain by the Kid way back. The guy details brand new franchisee, these are exactly how there is a method aside having him, but which he understands that he would rather perish to the remaining animatronics. He begs for the souls throughout the animatronics to successfully pass on, and particular severe terms and conditions to possess their dated friend William, advising your that darkest pit regarding heck is awaiting your. In the long run, he speaks to help you his girl in to the Lefty one last time, apologizing getting not being able to save yourself the woman on the day she died, and you can informs her that the go out he’ll achieve preserving this lady by giving the woman the opportunity to pass on. As Henry speaks, he kits the building unstoppable, ruining the fresh animatronics, William, new franchisee, and himself, in an effort to prevent the fresh decades of anxiety and you may depression one to began for the 1983 and you may providing Henry and Charlie their well deserved other people and you will comfort.

But not, Henry’s lose and you will plan had been generally for the vain, since the William are reborn once the electronic entity Glitchtrap. Nevertheless, from inside the a-twist of paradox, William perform again feel outdone of the exact same trap Henry tailored. You might say, Henry create posthumously humiliate their nemesis, identical to exactly how he’d bested him before.


  • Henry Emily was called Cassette Boy for the Pizzeria Simulator’s credit. His actual term was only hinted on regarding the Insanity Ending, just like the audio tape to play through the place of work screen is known as “HRY223”. Yet not, PJ Heywood, who spoken William Afton on the operation, revealed into the “The latest FNaF Inform you” that Cassette Son are Henry (relatively in the place of Scott Cawthon’s degree or agree), tying your into the Henry Emily regarding novels.
  • Henry was indirectly stated when you look at the Four Evening at Freddy’s 2 because of the Phone Child, which says that the providers wanted brand new “brand new restaurant holder” regarding Fredbear’s Family members Diner. Mobile phone Boy along with claims you to ahead of the incidents of one’s games, he had been shed for a long time.
  • Within the Five Evening at Freddy’s: Safeguards Breach, a portion of the protagonist Gregory gets in the space in which Henry from another location burnt down Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza pie Place. Yet not, Henry’s corpse can’t be seen, appearing that his remains had been incinerated from the flames.