She is actually the only one planning brand new Joker’s wake and you may funeral, let-alone weeping

She is actually the only one planning brand new Joker’s wake and you may funeral, let-alone weeping

Harley later appeared in an anxiety-caused hallucination considering Batman in an effort to prevent the Joker completely. Harley and is actually alluded to help you an additional an element of the same illusion, in which a newspaper article reported that not one person had cared you to this new Joker are lifeless, and you will indicated that she hadn’t just hitched the Riddler, but was also pregnant a young child too.

After the Knightfall Protocol

Ashamed, heartbroken, defeated, ashamed, and you may psychologically broken, Harley are ultimately delivered to brand new GCPD Lockup just after Scarecrow’s defeat, in which she would be locked up the remainder of Gotham’s crooks.

Re-induction into the Suicide Squad

A keen untold number of age later on, Harley manage once again getting artificially signed up of the Amanda Waller on the their Activity Push X program, close to Deadshot, Master Boomerang, and you may Queen Shark for the a purpose into the City whether or not it appeared significantly less than intrusion by an alien possibility, and you may are surprised knowing Waller’s tasked alpha address is actually that that they had completely hadn’t asked: Superman.


Harley is actually academically smart and you may gained a strong interest in criminology once the their father is a criminal. Since a psychiatrist, Harley is in charge, extremely compassionate, and you can strongly empathized together people, like leaving a note into the Schedule People’s phone stating: “Delighted Vacations, Julian! – Hq.” Despite the girl informative intelligence, Harley had altered morals and you can lacked a great deal of preferred feel given that she didn’t observe hazardous and you can risky new Joker is actually. In her coaching into the Joker, Harley in addition to don’t look for feel and you will overestimated the girl performance just like the he had been extremely tricky, and therefore created which he can potentially influence her to feel sympathy and passion to have your. Instance, Harley don’t know she was being manipulated feeling affection to possess Joker while in the the girl interviews courses due to the fact she are far shorter proficient in research with other Arkham Psychiatrists. For this reason, she inevitably began to end up being fixated having your and you will underwent good drastic change.

After Harley recognized you to definitely she was at love on the Joker, she demonstrated significant signs and symptoms of regression (once the indexed because of the Dr. Young) such as for example a higher pitch inside her voice, to be faster cocky and appearing quicker wise – possibly to try to attract your. On a daily basis, Harley are cheerful and you may optimistic, plus sadistic and you may maniacal hence she have discovered from the fresh new Joker. In the place of him, although not, Harley tend to did not reserve by herself inside the treat and you will message hence she accepted to Penguin when she saved Poison Ivy on the cops station into the Bludhaven. This tend to resulted in magic advice are stated which was of good use in order to Batman or triggered the woman fighting your, simply to end up being quickly beaten. These types of conclusion try will obvious from inside the Arkham Asylum Event. She in addition to shown androphobia as the she regularly insult and mock multiple people except this new Joker.

About Arkham City Incident, the pressure regarding the Joker’s poor health did actually features altered Harley’s character, like showing a shorter tempter, exhibiting insufficient wise practice, starting to be more ruthless and much more aggravated when you’re looking to proceed with the Joker’s purchases and you will remaining in fees out of his henchmen. Shortly after the newest Joker’s passing (within the Harley Quinn’s Payback), Harley turned into far more ruthless and you can hazardous because she was not able to come to terms with the girl losings. As the still this lady common thinking, Harley is feared certainly one of their henchmen overall also informed an friend to not ever ‘piss her off’. Harley also assumed a beneficial henchman are hitting for her, and you can screamed precisely how he could not compare with the lady “Mr. J”, in the event he was only are sympathetic to the lady. And, Harley’s voice even more turned into angrier, maniacal and better pitched and you may she try somewhat self-destructive, and this reflected the ultimate be concerned she experience pursuing the Joker’s dying.